Alexis Rocha vs Anthony Young: Date, Start Time, Undercard & Live Stream Info

Alexis Rocha vs Anthony Young: Date, Start Time, Undercard & Live Stream Info


Alexis Rocha will fight Anthony Young on May 28th at 8 pm et. The bout is available on dazn.

On May 28th, Alexis Rocha will take on Anthony Young in a highly anticipated boxing match. The bout promises to be thrilling, with both fighters showcasing their skills and abilities in the ring. The fight is set to start at 8 pm et and will be available for fans to watch through dazn.

Rocha is entering this match with an impressive record of 16-0, while Young has a 21-2 record. The undercard is also stacked with notable fights, making it a night of world-class boxing action. The event is bound to be a crowd-pleaser among boxing fans and a must-watch for anyone looking for some thrilling entertainment.

The Fight: Date, Start Time, And Venue

On May 28th, 2023, boxing fans will be treated to one of the most epic fights of the year. The match, between Alexis Rocha versus anthony young, is set to be one of the most anticipated boxing bouts of the year.

The Scheduled Date For The Fight

The fight is set for May 28th. It is advisable to mark your calendar in advance to avoid missing the match.

The Start Time Of The Fight

The anticipated boxing match is set to begin at 8 pm est. It is important to note that this is a live event, and the start time may be subject to change based on circumstances beyond the promoter’s control.

The Venue For The Fight

The venue for the fight is the fantasy springs resort and Casino located at 84245 indio springs drive, Indio, California. The venue boasts world-class facilities and is expected to provide a perfect atmosphere for the boxing match.

The Alexis Rocha vs. Anthony Young boxing fight scheduled for August 26th, 2021, is one match not to miss. The event will occur at the fantasy springs resort and Casino in Indio, California, starting promptly at 8 pm est.

Don’t miss the chance to witness the fight of the year.

The Fighters: Alexis Rocha And Anthony Young

Boxing fans worldwide eagerly anticipate the upcoming Alexis Rocha versus anthony young fight. The match will be exciting; fans can’t wait to see who comes out on top. Let’s take a closer look at both of these fighters and what we can expect from them during the upcoming bout.

Background Information On Alexis Rocha

-Alexis Rocha is a professional boxer from southern California, born on April 9th, 1998.

He has been boxing since he was 14 years old and has an impressive amateur record of 94-16.

-Alexis decided to turn professional in 2017 and has since built an impressive record of 16-1.

-he is considered one of the rising stars in the welterweight division and is currently ranked as one of the top 15 welterweights by the WBC.

Background Information On Anthony Young

-Anthony Young is a professional new jersey boxer born on October 31st, 1989.

He started boxing at eight and had an impressive amateur record of 55-15-1.

-Anthony turned professional in 2011 and has since built a record of 21-2, with 8 of his wins coming by knockout.

-he is known for his aggressive fighting style and ability to outbox his opponents.

Statistics On Both Fighters

-Alexis Rocha stands at 5’10” and reaches 72 inches. He has won 11 of his fights by knockout.

-Anthony Young stands at 5’10” and reaches 72 inches. He has won 8 of his fights by knockout.

-Alexis Rocha has a higher win percentage, with 94% of his fights won compared to Anthony Young’s 88%.

-however, Anthony has never been knocked out in his professional career, making him a tough opponent for Alexis.

With such a high-stakes matchup, fans will be on the edge of their seats as they watch these two fighters head to head. Whichever fighter comes out on top will surely be a memorable fight.

Undercard: Other Fights To Watch Out For

On March 5, the much-anticipated Alexis Rocha vs. Anthony young boxing match is set to take place at the fantasy springs resort casino in Indio, California. If you plan to watch this exciting bout, take note of the undercard fights that will happen on the same day.

Here’s everything you need to know:

List Of Other Fights Happening On The Same Day

  • Shane Mosley Jr. vs. Jason Quigley
  •  Ferdinand Kerobyan vs. blair cobbs
  •  Raul curiel vs ramses agaton
  •  Aaron mckenna vs carlos ortiz cervantes

The Fighters To Watch Out For

Shane Mosley Jr. vs. Jason Quigley is one of the most highly anticipated matches on the undercard. Mosley Jr., the son of former world champion Shane Mosley, is looking to take down Irishman Quigley, who boasts an impressive record of 18-1.

Meanwhile, Ferdinand Korban, who hails from Armenia, will be tested against Blair Cobbs, known for his spectacular knockouts.

Raul Curiel and Ramses Agitation are promising fighters looking to make a name for themselves on the undercard. Curiel, who has a record of 8-0, is known for his quick hands and impressive footwork, while Agaton is a seasoned veteran with over 20 professional fights.

Finally, Aaron Mckenna, an up-and-coming prospect from Ireland, will be facing off against carlos ortiz Cervantes, a fighter from Mexico with a solid record.

What To Expect From These Fights

With these undercard fights, boxing fans can expect to witness some intense and exciting bouts. Mosley Jr. and Quigley, in particular, are known for their aggressive styles and knockout power, and their match-up is sure to be a showstopper.

Similarly, the Kerobyan vs. Cobbs and Curiel vs. Agaton fights are evenly matched, with each fighter bringing their unique strengths to the ring. Finally, McKenna vs. Cervantes promises to be a thrilling clash between two talented fighters from around the globe.

The Alexis Rocha vs. Anthony Young fight isn’t the only reason to tune in on March 5. With a stacked undercard featuring some of the sport’s most exciting prospects, this event will surely be one for the books. Don’t miss it!

How To Watch The Fight: Live Stream And Broadcast Information

Alexis Rocha vs. Anthony Young: date, start time, undercard & live stream info

The highly anticipated Alexis Rocha vs. Anthony Young fight is set to take place on Thursday, March 18, 2021. The event will start at 8:00 p. m. It will be broadcast live from the fantasy springs resort casino in California.

Information On How To Access Live Streams Of The Fight

If you can’t make it to the live event, fear not. You can still watch the fight from the comfort of your own home by streaming it online. Here are the key points you need to know:

  • The fight will be streamed live on dazn.
  •  You can purchase a dazn subscription for just $19.99 per month or $99.99 per year.
  •  Dazn is a global sports streaming service so that you can access the fight anywhere worldwide.

Broadcast Information For Those Watching On Television

If you prefer to watch the fight on your television, you’ll be thrilled to know it will be broadcast live on several tv networks. Here are the details:

  • The fight will be televised on the NBC Sports Network.
  •  You can attend the live broadcast at 8: 00 p.m. est on March 18, 2021.
  •  The live broadcast will feature expert commentary from some of the most respected names in boxing.

Available Platforms For Streaming And Broadcast

Whether you’re planning to stream the fight online or watch it on your television, you can use plenty of platforms to access the event. Here are the options available to you:

  • Dazn: This is the official streaming partner for the Alexis Rocha vs. Anthony Young fights.
  •  NBC Sports Network: If you prefer to watch the fight on television, you can tune in to NBC Sports Network to catch all the action live.
  •  Streaming devices: If you have a Roku, amazon fire tv, or apple tv device, you can download the dazn app and watch the fight on your big screen.
  •  Mobile devices: You can stream the fight on your mobile device by downloading the dazn app from the app store or google play store.

There you have it! Now that you know the key details about how to watch the Alexis Rocha vs. Anthony Young fight, you’re all set to tune in and enjoy the action.

Predictions And Expectations: Who Will Win?

Anticipation is building for the upcoming match between welterweights Alexis Rocha and Anthony Young. The two fighters are scheduled to face off in California on September 10, 2021. Fans worldwide eagerly await the match’s start time, undercard, and live stream information.

But the most critical question on everyone’s mind is: who will win? Let’s look at this highly anticipated match and make some predictions.

Analysis Of Each Fighter’S Strengths And Weaknesses

Before making predictions, let’s take a moment to analyze each fighter’s strengths and weaknesses:

Alexis Rocha

  • Strengths:
  •  The powerful left hook could knock out opponents.
  •  A solid chin can take a lot of punishment.
  •  Good footwork that helps him move around the ring and avoid getting hit.
  •  Weaknesses:
  •  Short reach that limits his ability to land punches from a distance.
  •  Lack of head movement could lead to him getting hit more by opponents’ punches.

Anthony Young

  • Strengths:
  •  Agile boxer who can move quickly around the ring and outmaneuver opponents.
  •  Good defense allows him to avoid getting hit by opponents’ punches.
  •  Weaknesses:
  •  His limited power in his punches makes it harder for him to knock out opponents.
  •  Tendency to get hit by opponents’ punches, especially when fighting inside.

Factors To Consider In Making A Prediction

When predicting who will win between Alexis Rocha and Anthony Young, here are some factors to consider:

  • Both fighters have different fighting styles, which could make it challenging to predict the winner.
  •  Alexis Rocha has better-punching power, but anthony young has better defense, which could help him avoid getting hit by his opponent’s punches.
  •  The size difference between the two fighters could play a role in the match’s outcome. Rocha is a bigger welterweight; his size advantage could help him control the fight.

Experts’ Opinions On Who Will Win

Experts have mixed opinions on who will win between Alexis Rocha and Anthony Young:

  • Some experts believe that Rocha’s punching power and size advantage will be too much for the young to handle, leading to a ko win for Rocha.
  •  Other experts think Young’s agility and quick movements around the ring could help him outmaneuver Rocha and win the match.

Final Prediction On Who Will Win The Fight

Based on the analysis, factors, and expert opinions, predicting a clear winner in this match is hard. However, it’s more likely that Alexis Rocha will come out on top against Anthony Young. Rocha’s punching power and size advantage could be too much for Young to handle, leading to a win by Ko.

Recap Of The Important Information On Alexis Rocha Vs. Anthony Young

Here are the important things to remember about the upcoming match between Alexis Rocha and Anthony Young:

  • The match is scheduled for September 10, 2021, in California.
  •  Rocha has a powerful left hook and solid chin but is weak in head movement and short reach.
  •  Young is an agile boxer with good defense but lacks punching power and tends to get hit when fighting inside.
  •  The size difference between the two fighters could play a role in the match’s outcome.
  •  Experts have mixed opinions on who will win, but Rocha is likelier to come out on top due to his size advantage and punching power.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Alexis Rocha Vs. Anthony Young: Date, Start Time, Undercard & Live Stream Info

When Is The Alexis Rocha Vs.? Anthony Young Fight?

The fight will take place on Friday, September 3, 2021.

What Time Does The Fight Start?

The fight will start at 8:30 pm et / 5:30 pm pt.

Where Can I Watch The Fight?

The fight will be broadcast live on dazn, a sports streaming service.

Who Else Is On The Undercard?

The undercard features several exciting fights, including William Zepeda vs. sergio ramirez and diego pacheco vs. jose antonio Meza.

How Can I Access The Live Stream?

You can access the live stream on dazn via their website or mobile apps for ios and Android.


So, there you have it, folks! It’s time to witness the battle between Alexis Rocha and Anthony Young in the ring. With a great line-up of undercards, the fight promises to be a thrilling experience for the spectators. The event is set to take place on August 6, 2021, at the fantasy springs resort casino in Indio, California.

You can get your tickets from the official website or watch the bout live on dazn. It will be a high-pressure and challenging match for both fighters, and fans can’t wait to see who comes out on top. Don’t forget to tune in and catch all the

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