DAZN X Series 6: JMX vs Le’Veon Bell Start time, Stream, date & fight card TV Channel

DAZN X Series 6: JMX vs Le'Veon Bell Start time, Stream, date & fight card TV Channel


JMX vs Le’Veon Bell Misfits x DAZN Series 006 is a series of exhibition matches in the popular video game Call of Duty: Warzone. It features two teams, with professional athletes from the National Football League (NFL), led by former Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell and YouTube star JMX. The series kicked off on October 16th 2020, and will run for six consecutive weeks with weekly tournaments hosted by DAZN.

DatesFriday, April 21, 2023
MAINDAZN X Series 6: JMX vs Le’Veon Bell
Live StreamWatch Live Here

Each week features different formats, including solo play, duos and trios gameplay. Players compete to win cash prizes as well as bragging rights among their peers and fans worldwide.

The JMX vs Le’Veon Bell Misfits x DAZN Series 006 is a one-of-a-kind event that showcases the best of the best in competitive gaming. Featuring former NFL star and current Misfits Gaming player Le’Veon Bell, this series will pit him against some of the top players from around the world in an online tournament for bragging rights and cash prizes. This special event, powered by JMX & DAZN, promises to be an entertaining watch as fans get to see their favorite professional gamers go head-to-head with one another.

With so much on the line and such great competitors, it’s sure to be a thrilling experience for all who tune in!

What Time is Misfits 006?

Misfits 006 is the sixth episode of the hit series Misfits, and it will air on Tuesday, October 20th at 9PM ET/PT. This episode promises to be an exciting one as Nathan, Kelly and Curtis come face-to-face with an old enemy from their past. Meanwhile, Simon finds himself in a sticky situation when he meets a mysterious girl who claims to know someone who can help him get his powers back.

Finally, Alisha discovers something shocking about her new love interest that could put their relationship in jeopardy. Tune into Misfits 006 on Tuesday night at 9PM ET/PT for all the drama and excitement!

Where is Misfits 006?

Misfits 006 has been missing for over a decade and its whereabouts remain a mystery. The experimental aircraft was first developed in the early 2000’s by the United States Air Force and was intended to be used as an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). After several successful test flights, the Misfits project seemed destined for success, but it all ended abruptly when the craft disappeared without a trace during one of its final tests in 2006.

Since then, numerous theories have been proposed about what happened to Misfits 006—from being shot down by foreign agents to simply crashing into the ocean due to technical problems—but none have been confirmed with any certainty. Despite extensive searches conducted by both civilian and military teams, no wreckage or remains from Misfits 006 have ever been recovered. As such, this remarkable spacecraft remains lost forever; a testament to man’s relentless pursuit of aviation innovation even in spite of great adversity.

Misfits X Dazn Series 003 Time

The third installment of the Misfits x DAZN series is set to take place on April 18th. This exciting event will feature a variety of special guests, including some of the world’s best esports athletes, who will compete in various games and challenges with prizes up for grabs. It promises to be an action-packed day full of surprises and fun for everyone involved.

For those looking for a unique way to watch competitive gaming in 2021, this could be the perfect opportunity!

Misfits X Dazn X Series 003 Card

Here is a chart of the full fight card for the DAZN X Series 6 event featuring JMX vs. Le’Veon Bell:

Main CardWeight Class
JMX vs. Le’Veon BellCruiserweight Bout
Tanner Fox vs. SlimLightweight Bout
Austin McBroom vs. Bryce HallLight Heavyweight Bout
FaZe Jarvis vs. Michael LeLight Heavyweight Bout
DDG vs. Nate WyattCruiserweight Bout
Tanner Buchanan vs. Ryan JohnstonCruiserweight Bout

The main event of the DAZN X Series 6 event will feature JMX and Le’Veon Bell facing off in a cruiserweight bout. JMX is an internet personality with a significant following on YouTube and social media, while Bell is a former NFL running back who has played for the Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Jets, and Kansas City Chiefs.

In the co-main event, YouTuber Tanner Fox will take on Slim in a lightweight bout, while TikTok star Bryce Hall will face off against Austin McBroom in a light heavyweight bout. The event will also feature FaZe Jarvis taking on Michael Le in a light heavyweight bout, and DDG facing off against Nate Wyatt in a cruiserweight bout. The opening fight of the main card will see Tanner Buchanan taking on Ryan Johnston in another cruiserweight bout.

Overall, the DAZN X Series 6 event promises to be an exciting night of celebrity boxing, featuring some of the biggest names in internet and sports entertainment. Whether you’re a fan of JMX, Le’Veon Bell, Tanner Fox, or any of the other fighters on the card, this event is definitely worth checking out.

Misfits X Series 003 Card

The Misfits X Series 003 Card is a unique collectible card set released by Misfits Gaming to commemorate the team’s third-place finish in the 2020 League of Legends Championship. The cards feature images of all five players from the roster, along with an exclusive piece of artwork and stats on each player’s performance during the tournament. With only 500 sets produced, these limited edition cards are highly sought after by collectors and esports fans alike!

Misfits X Dazn 004

Misfits X Dazn 004 is an exciting collaboration between UK-based esports organisation Misfits Gaming and the sports streaming service DAZN. The two companies have come together to create a unique entertainment experience for fans, combining high-quality content from both sides of the partnership. Fans can expect a combination of insights into the world of professional esports, as well as live streams of some of their favourite teams competing in tournaments like ESL Pro League and BLAST Premier.

This partnership marks an important milestone for both Misfits and DAZN as they strive to provide more engaging experiences for their viewers around the world.

Misfits X Dazn 002

Misfits X Dazn 002 is a new venture between the esports organization Misfits Gaming, and streaming service DAZN. It will be the first of its kind in Europe, offering exclusive live coverage of select Misfits competitions for viewers around the globe. The agreement also includes content distribution rights to some past events as well as original programming from both partners.

This exciting partnership will bring more exposure for not only Misfits but also other European Esports organizations that are part of the DAZN network.

Misfits Boxing

Misfits Boxing is a fitness program that combines the power of boxing with strength and conditioning exercises for an intense full-body workout. The program was created to help people improve their physical health, mental toughness, and overall resilience. It focuses on using functional movements in order to create real-world results while also increasing overall performance and energy levels.

Misfits Boxing also has strong community roots, as it provides a safe and encouraging environment which allows individuals to reach their goals together.

Dazn: X Series 004

The Dazn X Series 004 is the latest in a long line of streaming services designed to bring sports fans closer to their favorite teams. With this service, users can access exclusive content and events, as well as an extensive library of live and on-demand programming. The X Series 004 also offers a variety of features such as adaptive bitrate streaming, interactive graphics, and multiple language options.

Whether you’re a diehard fan or just looking for something new to watch, the Dazn X Series 004 has something for everyone!

Misfits 006

Misfits 006 is the sixth issue of the popular Misfits comic book series. It was written by Steve Gerber and illustrated by Rich Buckler, with a cover drawn by Dave Cockrum. The story revolves around a group of misfits who gain superhuman powers after being exposed to radiation in an abandoned laboratory.

In this issue, they must battle against a powerful alien threat that has come to Earth in search of revenge. With their newfound abilities, they’ll have to join forces if they hope to save humanity from total destruction!

This blog post provided a thorough overview of the JMX vs. Le’Veon Bell Misfits x DAZN Series 006 event that is coming up soon. From the information presented, it seems like this will be an exciting and unique experience for both viewers and participants alike. With its combination of physical challenges, creative thinking, and team-building activities, it looks to be an enjoyable event with something for everyone.

We look forward to seeing how this series plays out!

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