EFL Play-Off Finals: Luton Vs Coventry, Kick-Off Time & Channel

EFL Play-Off Finals: Luton Vs Coventry, Kick-Off Time & Channel


The EFL play-off finals between Luton and Coventry will kick off soon. You can stream it online on sky sports.

Fans of Luton and Coventry are gearing up for the showdown in the EFL playoffs. The two teams have fought spectacularly well this season and have come this far to battle it out. The match is set to take place soon, and the anticipation is palpable among fans.

The game is a must-watch for all football lovers who are excited to see both teams bring their best game to the field. If you’re wondering where to catch all the action, you can stream the game online on sky sports. The match promises to be thrilling, and it will be interesting to see who emerges victorious.

Stream EFL Play-Off Finals: Luton Vs Coventry, Kick-Off Time & Channel

The Teams: Luton And Coventry

Brief Introduction Of Luton And Coventry Teams

Luton and Coventry are teams set to face off in the EFL playoff finals. The match promises to be a riveting affair, with both teams having much to prove. Here is a brief on both teams:

Recent Form And Stats Of Both Teams


  • Luton has been on a winning streak and has not lost any of its last five games.
  •  It has maintained a solid defence, conceding only two goals in its last five games.
  •  The team has scored ten goals during the same period.


  • Coventry has had mixed results in its last five games, with two wins, two draws, and one defeat.
  •  The team has scored eight goals and conceded five in the last five games.
  •  Coventry finished ten points ahead of Luton during the regular season.

Key Players To Watch Out For In The Finals


  • James Collins, the striker, has scored 14 goals in the league this season.
  •  Harry Cornick, a forward, has scored nine goals and provided six assists in the last five games.
  •  Luke Berry, the midfielder, scored a hat-trick in Luton’s recent 3-1 victory over Middlesbrough.


  • Matt Godden, a striker, has been in form, scoring 15 goals in the previous 28 matches.
  •  Callum O’Hara, the attacking midfielder, has scored five goals and provided 11 assists in the league this season.
  •  Liam Walsh, the central midfielder, has provided eight assists in the league this season.

With the final between Luton and Coventry set to kick off, all eyes will be on these six players to see if they can help their teams claim the victory.

The Journey To The Finals

The excitement for the EFL playoffs is intense this season, with the finals scheduled between Luton town and country. Both teams made it to the end of the competition with outstanding performances this season. From humble beginnings to now fighting for the title of efl playoff champions, the journey has been anything but easy for these teams.

How Luton And Coventry Reached The Playoffs

Luton and Coventry faced many challenges to make it to the EFL playoff finals this season. Let’s look at their journey and how they reached the finals.

Luton’S Journey

Luton was part of league two last season and earned their promotion to the third-tier football competition this season by finishing second in the league two standings. They won 22 games and drew 9, collecting 75 points in total.

Their campaign to the finals began with a 3-2 defeat of oxford united in the first leg of the semi-finals of the EFL playoffs.

Coventry’S Journey

Coventry finished eighth in the league one final standing last season, missing the opportunity to qualify for the EFL playoff. This season, they fought hard and finished fourth in the standings, earning a chance to contend in the EFL playoffs.

In the semi-finals, they came up against Portsmouth and were victorious in both legs, winning 1-0 away at Fratton Park and 3-1 at home, leading to their final spot.

Analysis Of The Playoff Journey Of Both Teams

Luton and Coventry have gone through similar paths to the finals. Here is an analysis of how their playoff journey has been:

Luton’S Playoff Journey

  • Luton had a tremendous season, finishing with 80 points to book their place in the EFL playoffs.
  •  Though the first leg of the tournament wasn’t easy for them, they won the game by 3-2 against oxford united.

Coventry’S Playoff Journey

  • Coventry finished fifth in the table and played Portsmouth in the semi-finals, achieving a 1-0 victory over them in the first leg. They secured their place in the finals with a 3-1 win over Portsmouth in their second leg.

Interesting Facts And Stats Of Their Journey

Both Luton and Coventry equally deserved their place in the finals, and their journey till now has been full of exciting facts and stats. Here are some notable achievements:

Luton’S Playoff Stats

  • Luton lost just two games in the league season, the lowest by any team in league one.
  •  They ended the season with an impressive goal difference of 24.
  •  They scored 82 goals in the season, the second-most by any team in league one.

Coventry’S Playoff Stats

  • Coventry finished fourth in the table, losing just 11 matches throughout the season.
  •  They won ten games away from home in the league season, the second-most by any team.
  •  They scored 48 goals in the league season, with forward Matt Godden contributing 14.

Both teams have come a long way, and it will be fantastic to see who takes the glory of being the EFL playoff champions this season.

Details Of The Finals

Date, Time And Venue Details Of The Match

The EFL play-off finals are a highly anticipated event this year, featuring two powerhouses – Luton vs Coventry – vying for the championship title. Here are some essential details you need to know:

  • Date: May 27-29, 2023
  •  Time: Kick-off is at 7:45 pm BST
  •  Venue: Wembley Stadium in London

Kick-Off Time And Why It Is Important

Kick-off time is vital in any football game, and the EFL play-off finals are no exception. The timing of the kick-off is carefully planned and impacts many aspects of the game, including players’ performances, fan engagement, and tv viewership.

Here’s why:

  • A 7: 45 pm bst kick-off time is perfect for evening entertainment, making it easy for fans to attend the game, enjoy a stadium atmosphere, and have a great time.
  •  Players often have a set routine before match time. An early kick-off time could impact their preparations and lead to poor performances.
  •  The timing also affects tv viewership as most people are available to tune in now.

Expected Weather Conditions And Their Impact On The Game

Weather conditions can have a significant impact on a football game, especially when it comes to outdoor events. Understanding how the expected weather conditions could impact the EFL play-off finals is essential. Here’s what to expect:

  • Weather forecasters predict cloudy weather with a high chance of rain on match day.
  •  The pitch at Wembley Stadium handles rainy conditions well, so there shouldn’t be any adverse impact on the game.
  •  The rain might impact the fans’ ability to enjoy the game from the stands, and the organizers have advised fans to bring appropriate clothing and plan accordingly.

Get Ready For The Match Of The Season!

Watching The Finals

EFL play-off finals: kick-off, Luton vs Coventry, how to stream, what? Channel

Excitement is brewing as we head towards the EFL play-off finals, where Luton goes up against Coventry in what promises to be an epic showdown. Have you figured out where to watch this epic battle? Here’s all you need to know to watch the EFL play-off finals.

Where To Watch The Efl Play-Off Finals In The Uk And Internationally

The EFL play-off finals will be broadcasted on various platforms across the united kingdom and internationally. Here are the options available for the UK and overseas viewers:

In The Uk

  • Fans in the united kingdom can watch the match on sky sports football, a popular sports channel in the country.
  •  Sky sports football is available on all major UK TV providers, including Sky, virgin media, and bt tv.


  • For international viewers, the EFL play-off finals will be streamed live on sky sports football.
  •  International viewers can catch the match live on tv by subscribing to services such as bein sports, ESPN, and dazn based on their region location.

Channel Details And Subscription Fees (If Any)

If you plan to watch the match on tv, you must know the relevant channel details and subscription fees. Here are the details:

In The Uk

  • Sky Sports Football is available on sky tv for £30 per month for new users or £42 per month for access to all 11 sports channels.
  •  Virgin Media offers sky sports football through its bigger and ultimate oomph package.
  •  Bt tv customers can access sky sports football through bt sport.


  • Subscribers in sports can watch the match live by purchasing an annual plan for $179.99 or a monthly plan for $19.99.
  •  Sign up for Dazn’s monthly subscription for $19.99, which provides live streaming of EFL play-off finals and various sporting events.
  •  Espn’s monthly subscription fee is $5.99, and fans can sign up for an annual subscription with a 15% discount, making it more cost-effective at $59.99.

How To Access The Match Online

For those who prefer watching the match online, several options are available to access the EFL play-off finals. Here are a few:

  • Sky Go app is available to sky tv customers and allows viewers to stream the match on computer, tablet, or mobile devices.
  •  Virgin tv customers can access the sky sports app by downloading it to watch the match on their mobile or tablet.
  •  International viewers can catch the match live on the website or mobile app of their subscribed service.

Get ready to witness a nail-biting encounter and enjoy the match by following our easy guide on where and how to watch the EFL play-off finals.


So, there you have it! Luton and Coventry are all set to give us a nail-biting finale of the EFL play-off finals. The game promises excitement and thrills as the two teams lock horns on the field.

With multiple streaming platforms providing access to the event, you can easily tune in and enjoy it from the comfort of your home. However, choose the platform that suits your budget and preferences. As always, we recommend using a VPN if you face any geo-restrictions.

So, mark your calendars and get ready to witness history. With both teams aiming for glory, it’s anyone’s guess who will come out on top. But one thing is for sure, no matter the result, this match will be unforgettable.

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