Okolie Vs Billam-Smith: Start Time, Date, Venue, Fight Card, Streaming Details, And More

Okolie Vs Billam-Smith: Start Time, Date, Venue, Fight Card, Streaming Details, And More


Okolie vs. Billam-smith will occur on May 27h, 2023, at the Matchroom fight camp in Brentwood, Essex. The main event fight between Okoye and Bill Smith starts at 10:00 pm bst and will be broadcasted on the sky sports box office.

Boxing enthusiasts and fans worldwide are eagerly awaiting the Okolie vs. Billam-Smith fight. Lawrence Okoye will defend his wbo cruiserweight title against the challenger, William Bill Smith. These two elite fighters have generated much interest due to their impressive wins and records.

The event will occur at the Matchroom fight camp, an outdoor venue setting the stage for another evening of exciting fights. In addition to the main event, there will be a full card of fights featuring some of the biggest names in boxing. Boxing fans can watch the event live on sky sports box office.

Okolie Vs Billam-Smith: Start Time, Date, Venue, Fight Card, Streaming Details, And More

Date, Time, And Venue

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Detailed Information On The Date, Time, And Venue Of The Okolie Vs. Billam-Smith Bout

On May 27h, 2023, Lawrence Okolie and Tommy Bill-Smith will face each other in what should be an electrifying cruiserweight bout. The event will occur at the ice arena, Wembley, in London, England. Here are the key details you need to know:

  • Date: May 27h, 2023
  •  Time: The broadcast will begin at 7 p.m. BST (6 p.m. Greenwich mean time, 1 p.m. Eastern daylight, 10 a.m. Pacific daylight).
  •  Venue: Sse Arena, Wembley, London, England.

Information On The Time Zone For Viewers In Different Parts Of The World

For viewers in England and the rest of the united kingdom, the event will start at 7 p. m. bst. If you’re watching in other parts of Europe, you must adjust the time accordingly. For viewers in the united states, the event will be broadcast live on dazn, starting at 1 p.

m. eastern daylight Time and ten a. m. pacific daylight time.

Here’s a breakdown of the start time in a few different places:

  • 7 p.m. BST (London)
  •  8 p.m. cest (paris, berlin, madrid)
  •  10 p.m. msk (Moscow)
  •  1 p.m. EDT (new york)
  •  10 a.m. pdt (los angeles)

Double-check the time difference between your location and London if you’re tuning in from elsewhere.

The Okolie vs. Billam-Smith bout promises to be a must-watch event for boxing fans. Set to take place on September 19, 2021, at the Sse Arena, Wembley, the bout will begin in the evening UK time, with viewers in other parts of the world needing to adjust accordingly.

Make sure to mark your calendars and tune in to catch all the action.

The Fighters: Okolie Vs Billam-Smith

Detailed Profiles Of Both Fighters That Highlight Their Strengths And Weaknesses

Okolie and Billam-Smith are two talented fighters with unique backgrounds and skill sets. Here is a detailed profile of both fighters that shed light on their strengths and weaknesses:

Lawrence Okolie

  • Okolie is a British boxer born in London on December 16, 1992.
  •  He turned professional in 2017 and has amassed a 16-0 record with 13 knockouts.
  •  Okolie is known for his impressive height of 6’5″ and his powerful jab, which has been a key weapon in his wins.
  •  However, his lack of experience and tendency to rely too heavily on his jab might work against him in this fight.
  •  Okolie’s amateur career was not as successful as other fighters in his weight class, which could also be seen as a weakness.

Chris Billam-Smith

  • Billam-smith is a British boxer born in Bournemouth, England, on November 28, 1990.
  •  He turned professional in 2017 and has a record of 12-1 with ten knockouts.
  •  Billam-smith is known for his excellent stamina, hand speed, and footwork, which has helped him outlast his opponents in the later rounds.
  •  He has faced tougher opponents than Okolie, which could be an advantage in this matchup.
  •  However, William-smith’s lack of height for his weight class could also play a role in the fight and be seen as a weakness.

Analyze Their Past Performances And Their Current Form Ahead Of The Fight

Both fighters have been on impressive runs and are coming into this fight with high expectations. Here is an analysis of their past performances and their current form:

Lawrence Okolie

  • Okolie is undefeated in his professional career and has won his last nine fights via knockout or stoppage.
  •  His last fight was against Krzysztof Glowacki in March this year, where he stopped the Polish veteran in the sixth round to claim the wbo cruiserweight title.
  •  Okolie demonstrated his improving technique and power in the bout, giving his fans a glimpse of his potential.
  •  His current form is excellent, and he improves with each fight.

Chris Billam-Smith

  • Billam-smith has won his last six fights, with his only career loss coming in a close decision against Richard Rinpoche.
  •  His last fight was against Vasil Car in April, which he won unanimously.
  •  Billam-smith showed his versatility in the fight, switching from a southpaw to an orthodox stance, which made it hard for Ducar to establish his rhythm.
  •  His current form is also excellent, and he seems to improve with each fight.

Unique Facts And Figures To Hook The Reader’S Interest

Apart from their skills and achievements, here are some unique facts and figures about these two fighters that might interest the reader:

Lawrence Okolie

  • Okolie is a former McDonald’s worker who became a professional four years ago.
  •  He represented great britain at the 2016 Olympics but was knocked out in the first round.
  •  Okolie is also a published author, having written a book titled “dare to change your life.”

Chris Billam-Smith

  • Billam-smith is a former kickboxer who transitioned to boxing in 2014.
  •  He is a Bournemouth University graduate with a sports psychology degree.
  •  Billam-smith trained with former world champion boxer David Haye during the early stages of his career.

Fight Card

A Comprehensive Overview Of The Entire Fight Card For The Event

On Saturday, September 25, okolie vs. William-smith will take place at the historic Sse arena in Wembley. This card boasts one of the biggest domestic fights in British boxing history, with the two powerhouses, Craig Glover and Chris Bill Smith, battling it out for the British cruiserweight title.

Before the thrilling main event, boxing fans worldwide will be treated to an action-packed undercard featuring other up-and-coming prospects and established fighters. Here is everything you need to know about the fight card of the Okolie vs. bill-smith event:

Learn About The Fighters, Their Fighting Styles, And Their Records

Craig Glover Vs. Chris Billam-Smith

  • This significant fight involves both fighters contending for the British cruiserweight title.
  •  Craig Glover holds a record of 12 wins and only two losses.
  •  Chris Gillam-smith holds a record of 12 wins and only one loss.
  •  Glover’s fighting style is more grounded, with his strength in his technical skills.
  •  Billam-smith, on the other hand, is widely regarded as the bigger puncher.
  •  This is a thrilling matchup as both fighters strive to dominate their respective boxing styles.

Alen Babic Vs. Damian Chambers

  • This heavyweight clash features the undefeated alien Babic taking on the experienced Damian Chambers.
  •  Babic holds a 7-0 unbeaten record, with all his victories coming through ko/tko.
  •  On the other hand, Chambers has a good track record of 11 wins, three losses, and a draw, with six victories coming through ko/tko.
  •  Neither of these fighters is new to the big stage, and it will be interesting to watch if Babic’s explosive punches triumph over Chambers’ agility.

Aqib Fiaz Vs Kevin Baldospino

  • As with the previous fight, this one is an exciting prospect on the undercard of an unforgettable night of boxing.
  •  Aqib Fiaz, with five fights under his belt, is known for his technical boxing.
  •  Baldospino, on the other hand, has recorded seven wins and four losses and will be looking to put his experience to the test against the young gun.
  •  This fight promises to be fascinating as both fighters bring different styles to the ring.

Umar Sadiq Vs Kody Davies

  • This is a great opportunity for both fighters to showcase their skills against each other.
  •  Umar Sadiq will come into the fight with 12 wins and one loss.
  •  Kody Davies has a record of 10 wins and two losses.
  •  Both fighters have a similar record, and it will be intriguing to see who comes out on top.

The Okolie vs. Billam-Smith event promises to be an unforgettable night of boxing for fans worldwide. This card has something for everyone, from the explosive punching of heavyweight alien Babic to the technical boxing of craig glover. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness history in the making at the sse arena in Wembley on September 25.

How To Watch: Streaming Details

Overview Of The Different Options Available To Watch The Fight, Including Ppv, Online Streaming, And Tv Channels

Boxing fans worldwide eagerly anticipate the face-off between Richard okolie and Tommy Phil Bill Smith. This much-awaited match will occur on May 28th, 2023, at the Echo Arena in Liverpool. There are several ways to watch the fight, including PPV, online streaming, and tv channels.

Here’s everything you need to know about streaming richard okolie vs. tommy phil William-smith:


You can buy PPV (pay-per-view) access through the sky sports box office to catch the excitement live. This option requires a subscription to sky sports tv services and an additional PPV fee.

Online Streaming:

Several online streaming platforms will also be showing the fight. Here are some of them:

  • Dazn: This global sports streaming service is the official broadcaster of the fight in many countries, including the UK and the USA. Dazn offers a one-month free trial and a monthly subscription of $19.99.
  •  Fite tv: This online platform streams live sporting events, including boxing fights. The Okolie vs. Billam-Smith match will be available on fite tv for $19.99.
  •  Nowtv: This streaming service offers access to Sky Sports channels without a contract. To watch the fight, viewers can purchase a day or month pass.

Tv Channels:

If you prefer to watch the match on tv, you can tune in to these channels:

  • USA: Dazn
  •  Uk: Sky Sports box office
  •  Australia: Foxtel
  •  New Zealand: Sky arena

Where To Buy Tickets And How Much They Cost

If you want to experience the thrill of the fight in person, you can purchase tickets online through the echo arena box office or on secondary sites like StubHub. Prices range from £40 to £300, depending on the seat location and availability.

Benefits Of Each Platform For Viewing

Each platform offers unique advantages for watching the fight:


  • High-quality video and audio streaming
  •  Exclusive access to the fight

Online Streaming:

  • Convenient and accessible from any device
  •  No need for a tv subscription
  •  Affordable subscription fee

Tv Channels:

  • Large screen viewing
  •  High-quality video and audio broadcasting
  •  A great option for large audiences

There are several ways to watch the okolie vs. William-smith fight, from the comfort of your living room to the heart-pumping experience of a live audience. Choose the best option for your preferences, budget, and convenience, and join millions of boxing fans worldwide to witness this epic showdown.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Okolie Vs. Billam-Smith: Start Time, Date, Venue, Fight Card, Streaming Details, And More

What Is The Start Time Of The Okolie Vs.? Billam-Smith Fight?

The fight is scheduled to start at 7:00 pm bst on May 27 h, 2023

What Is The Date Of The Okolie Vs.? Billam-Smith Fight?

The fight is scheduled to take place on May 27 h, 2023

Where Will The Okolie Vs? Billam-Smith Fight Take Place?

The fight will be held at the ice arena, Wembley, in London, England.

What Is The Fight Card For The Okolie Vs.? Billam-Smith Event?

The undercard includes fights between Campbell Hatton vs. in Dura, anthony fowler vs. Rico Mueller, and many more exciting matchups.

How Can I Watch The Okolie Vs.? Billam-Smith Fight Live?

The fight will be broadcasted live on sky sports in the UK, dazn in the us, and several other countries. Check your local listings.


The highly anticipated fight between Okolie and Billam-Smith is just around the corner. With an impressive fight card and streaming details in place, fans can look forward to an action-packed event. Okolie has shown his determination to come out on top, while William-Smith has proven to be a worthy opponent.

It will be a thrilling showdown that fans won’t want to miss. The fight will occur at the Matchroom fight camp in Brentwood, UK, on September 4, 2021, starting at 7 pm BST. With streaming platforms like dazn and sky sports broadcasting the event, it’s easy for fans to catch their favorite fighters in action.

Boxing enthusiasts worldwide can’t wait to see who will emerge victorious at

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